Over 150 qualified and experienced back office employees

Back office employees are the good souls of companies. They create and process offers and orders for the sales force and customer advisors. They are also responsible for creating presentations, coordinating appointments and telephone administration. Depending on the area of responsibility, back-office employees also ensure quality control or work in various areas such as accounting.

Our back-office team supports you and your team in the following areas

In most cases, basic commercial training or a comparable qualification is required to work in the back office. Professionals who already have experience in a similar position are usually given preference.


In different areas

Customer management

Maintenance of customer data

Telephone service

In different languages


Agreement by phone / email

Order processing

From the offer to the invoice


Prepare reports properly

Offers on Request

We would like to inform you about us and our product offering that is suitable for your company. Moreover, we would provide the necessary advice without any obligation by your side.

Send us your request. We will provide you with a non-binding offer.


Cost and time

We make sure that our human resources will fit your business needs so that the project can be completed successfully within the time and cost constraints.


Our staff, with an in-depth knowledge in all areas of the digital solutions, will be keen to support you all along the way. A joint conversation is the first step - we look forward to it!

Team expansion

The team works inexpensively from our development centers, thus the team can be expanded or changed at any time. Any adjustments can be made at any time.